Giving back to our community's

BECOME A FIFER (Feeding-It-Forward or Feeding-It-Forwarder)  I am a FIFER contributor at   – at the time of purchase or when setting up an account or at checkout customers choose local places in need of food donations that they direct thier points toward for example – not for profits, municipalities, churches, food banks, shelters, group homes, senior homes 



Become part of the FIFOR movement 


Make your purchases on from local farmers, retail vendors, individuals, community services or whatever you may find and buy on our network and you will receive and accumulate FIFOR (Feeding-It-Forward or Feeding-It-Forwarder) points in your account, that you self-direct and redeem as free food to be given on your behalf to your local cause or a cause we make you aware of. Lifting up those in need with healthy organic, steroid free hormone free, non gmo  food will enhance the entire community in ways that are unimaginable to most people. If you find that you yourself are the one in need, you can donate the points to yourself. Receive an I AM A FIFOR window sticker with every 10000 points redeemed in the name of your local place of need, that you direct your points towards. For every 20,000 points redeemed you will receive a t-shirt with I AM A FIFOR logo’d on the front of the t-shirt to help spread the word of how others may help as well. 


Choose to make a difference in the lives of your local community members who are in need of assistance with securing nutritious food and regular balanced meals by donating your FIFOR program points to your local soup kitchen, shelter for men or woman or choose from the list we have provided. If your specific place for local support is not listed, please let us know by filling in your local choice and we will add it to our list. 

FIFOR, improves community health, and allows local supportive businesses in our network to support the community with local Canadian abundance. 
We are and as Canadians supporting local Canadian’s we are proud to announce or new and improved Feeding-It-Forward program for all of Canada as we roll out the FIFOR program nationwide through the growth of’s success and your purchases. 


Because we are dealing with most of the local producers (Farmers) that are supporting locals, we have access to an abundance of food to purchase with your FIFOR points and deliver to local places where local healthy food is needed, at no cost. Thanks to you. 

We all now the opportunity to help locally at the click of a button through’s FIFOR program. Feed-It-Forward or Feed-it-Forwarder 
There are an ever-growing number of families and individuals that need your help in our community. Please think about them when making your purchases on and check back on the site for pictures and updates on what your FIFOR point donations have done for your neighbors. 

It takes a community to take care of a community.